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Wuhan Guangzhou Military Region South Garden Nanyuan Building

Guangzhou Military Region, Wuhan Zhongnan Garden Nanyuan floor has 241 rooms, located in the West, day three specialty restaurants, a total of 1,500 seats. Separate malls, KTV, business center and other facilities. Where the third floor of South Hall, built 1100 square meters surface, clear height of 6.2 meters, luxurious, hand-painted ceilings using the Great Hall of technology, there is a large LED large background wall, remote control light-sensitive equipment, imported audio. Meetings and can accommodate 800 people dining. At the same time can be divided into three separate chapters room. Suitable held a variety of large, medium and small meetings, to meet the different needs of care. Guangzhou Military Region, Wuhan Zhongnan Garden Nanyuan floor area of ??38 square meters standard rooms, loose and comfortable rooms are equipped with unlimited WIFI, make your body and mind relax. Executive Suite induction system using electronic door locks as soon as you open the door gently, room lights automatically turn on, curtains closed automatically. So thoughtful design, all make you feel royal dignity.